Jonathan LLense practices an instinctive and spontaneous photography. His work is closely related to his life but cannot be taken as an autobiographical endeavor. Starting from his environment that he surveys and scrutinizes, he focuses on a basic reality that cannot be reduced to the ordinary. He photographs patterns or situations that stand out and point to the incongruous, the absurd or, more simply, the meaningless. He began by appropriating what he calls «actions» produced by others which he considers as happy finds. Nowadays he no longer hesitates to also intervene on the real by composing still or spontaneous installations, always with what he has at hand, that owe nothing to the established genre. He may also resort to alter, in a playful manner, an image through to digital manipulation. Whether LLense grasps a vacillating reality or pushes the situation over the edge, one hesitates to speak of method as the processes are diverse and, above all, implemented without systematism. Yet there are some consistent traits; his images are always vertical and very simply constructed. They draw attention to the motif, centered, often taken in close-up and frozen by a flash, even in daylight. Self-evident, the photographs of LLense are demonstrative, as for instance the use of the hand which, recurrently, presents an object to the camera. The control of the images is nevertheless counterbalanced by their apparent amateurism. The errors are so perfectly assumed, even sought out and accentuated, that they establish an equivalence between a controlled situation and an accidental one. United by a certain look, the images of LLense are however free standing. Behind their diversity and beyond their more or less transitory groupings based on atmospheres, the cross-references of his practice are pointed out. These relate to the image, whose foundations are blurred. Attracted by the sculptural and the simulacrum, LLense places his photography between volume and flatness and true and false.”

Étienne Hatt – February 2019
Deputy editor in chief of Artpress and programming officer at the Centre d’expérimentation du Collège international de photographie du Grand Paris.

Jonathan LLense contributes to Fashion, Photography and Art publications such as Magazine Double, M Le Monde, Revue Profane, Regain, Numéro Art, Ansinth, Latitude Magazine, Das magazin, Les Inrocks. 

Jonathan has collaborated with pretigious fashion clients such as Maison Hermès , Louis Vuitton , Ami Paris, Petar Petrov, Minelli, Maison Rabih Kayrouz.

Jonathan LLense lives in Paris.

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